Polywrap for direct mail campaigns

Polywrap is one of the most efficient and cost effective options to enclose catalogues, brochures, magazines and books. It is lightweight, versatile and protects the contents from the elements. It helps to keep costs down, as every gram can add up to substantial cost in postage.

  • We have high speed polywrapping lines which can deliver fast turnaround times.
  • We can provide crystal clear wrap or biodegradable.
  • We can personalise your carrier sheets in house with laser or inkjet printing.

You can count on Instant Mailing Services’ vast experience in fulfilling customers’ direct mail campaigns. We’d love to help you realise the potential of direct mail to grow your business, so please do get in touch to discuss your mail fulfilment requirements.

Introducing Polycomp™

IMS fully understands how important it is for businesses & brands to take the right steps to engage with their customers, and with the Blue Planet effect in full swing we would like to introduce the latest stock film available off the shelf for poly-wrapping.

Polycomp™ uses biopolymers, which are obtained by means of pioneering proprietary technologies using starches, cellulose, vegetable oils and their combinations.

Polycomp™ conforms to EN13432 so is compostable in open air as long as there are micro-organisms to break it down and can be printed with the “OK HOME compost” logo.

Polycomp™ can be disposed of on any compost heap, in a household garden waste bin, a household food waste bin, or you can use it to line your food waste bin.

The EN13432 OK HOME Compost certificate guarantees a minimum of 90% of the material will compost in 12 months, after the film is put into an environment with the micro-organisms, not when it’s on the pallet wrapped up.

Polycomp™ advantages

  • Fully compostable at home
  • Certified European norm EN13432
  • OK HOME compost
  • Available printed with OK HOME compost inks
OK Compost Logo


Besides polywrap, we can supply other means of enclosure to suit your campaign.

  • Envelopes (plain, pre-printed, monochrome or full colour) in all sizes
  • Polybags – for smaller campaigns or those which are less suitable for the wrapping machines
  • Jiffy Bags
  • Bespoke packaging to your specification
  • Clear tabbing of your mailpiece


Your mailpiece can be personalised to your specification.

  • Inkjet address, postage mark, return address etc directly onto the piece
  • Laser personalisation onto a carrier sheet
  • Personalise envelopes (we can supply to specification)
  • Personalise your letters, flyers or post cards
  • Personalised thermal labels for packages, jiffy bags etc.
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